--> ♡Sick Of Myself♡

Goin out without drinking really sucks

Anoniem: show your instagram xoxo

Send me a friend request xoxo

Yesterday i went to the beach and had a beautiful day! Now i’m laying here, tired, headache, sore throat, dizzy… Oh i love mononucleosis so much

Anoniem: even you're not a real model, for me you are. I love your style (: your boyfriend must be proud of you

Oh this is one of the sweetest things a person ever said to me ! I like you!

Anoniem: You're so pretty... You look like a model, seriously!!

Thanks that’s very sweet ! But actually i’m not

Anoniem: Your friend Lorenz is so hot! Does he have tumblr? :p

Yes but he’s already taken! I guess his Tumblr is lorenzzzz

Anoniem: You look stunning on your instagram profile picture, are you a real model? xoxo

No i’m not x